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Most Popular Autumn Public Domain Files:

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 Autumn on the tundra north of Whitehorse in the Ogilvie Mountains.
Autumn in park
Conkers with a leaf
Glade Run Autumn
Fall Colors on Des Lacs Refuge
Pond at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve
Tejon pass in late autumn
The bridge
Cool autumn morning on Capitol Hill
Fall 2012 at the U.S. Capitol
 Shoreline of Clopper Lake on an autumn afternoon.
Aspen turning to autumn colors
Mushroom on the grass
 Early morning fog and autumn colors reflected in the Patuxent River at Wayson's Corner.
Autumn yellow leaves
Autumn colors at the Howrey Island Recreation Area
Trees turning to autumn colors
Grassy meadow with trees turning to autumn colors in the background
Aspen turning to autumn colors
Group Picnic Shelter framed with autumn leaves
Green Ash tree turning to autumn colors
Autumn colors in the trees of eastern Montan
Autumn colors at Howrey Island Recreation Area by the Yellowstone River
Leaves on a tree with a big trunk, turning to autumn colors
Autumn leaf
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