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 Replanting marsh grass in an effort to protect and rebuild this beach near Annapolis.
Tern Chick
Work continues on 3,300 feet of seepage cutoff wall
August 7, Container waits near beach for oil waste
Secretary Kerry Addresses the CEO Summit
 Pinnacle Gulch Beach
 Monmouth House, Spring Lake Beach, New Jersey.  Front view.  P. 215. 'Historical and Biographical Atlas of the New Jersey Coast,' by T. F. Rose, 1878.
Morris Island Trail
 Old Silver Beach, West Falmouth
Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio was the site of the 2013 Federal Duck Stamp Contest.
Flower on beach
 View of a Delaware Beach from an oceanfront condominium
 New Silver Beach area, North Falmouth
 Colorado House, Ocean Beach, New Jersey. P. 205. 'Historical and Biographical Atlas of the New Jersey Coast,' by T. F. Rose, 1878.
June 2, Walking the Impacted Beaches in Port Fourchon, LA
Beach in Kinzarof Lagoon
Preparing to relocate the eggs
 Point Reyes Great Beach south end. Marine debris oil or chemical drum washed up on beach at approximate high tide line.
 Sea lion wondering what humans bring to the beach with them.
 A little pufferfish washed up on the beach.
 Having fun at the beach.
 The cobble beach and cliffs on the Atlantic side of Block Island.
Marking the cage
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