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Bears of Kodiak Refuge
Jake Fry's Durham bull Bear Camp C. 1918
Airmen prepare BEAR base for troops in Afghanistan
Wintery blast
Be the bear.
Youth Conservation Corps Learning First Aid
 Young Alaska Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) strolling on the beach.
Viola Frye and children at Bear Camp lookout or snow camp.
Entrance Sign and Map at Bear Trap Canyon
falcons bowl return a bear
Wintery blast
IMG 7706 sm
(1966) Bear in a Tree
Powerhouse Foot Bridge - Caretaker Houses in background at Bear Trap
2012-Alaska Region-Work(10)
brown bear cubs
(1957) Hunted Bear Spread
Learning How to Make a Sling
Bear Trap and Kitchen Sink Rapids
Tracking the Bear
IMG 1437 sm
(1963) Swimming Bear
 Polar bear - Ursus maritimus - on tundra.
 Large sedated polar bear  - Ursus maritimus. Large padded feet for traction on the ice.
Flag of California
(1974) Brown Bear Den
Providing shelter is a BEAR
Postal handlers
IMG 7743 sm
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