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This image depicts a stairwell constructed in an o
Seated in a wheelchair, the man depicted here was
CDC Clinician, Joanne Cono, MD, describes the dilu
CDC's presence in the online virtual world 'Second
This 2006 photograph depicted a female Aedes aegyp
This 2006 image depicted a female Aedes aegypti mo
The man picture here, was seated in her wheelchair
Captured by James Gathany, Centers for Disease Con
This historical image, which was provided by the C
This is CDC Clinic Chief Nurse Lee Ann Jean-Louis
Thought to be from the 1970s, this historic image
Wearing head-lamps to light their way through this
This 2007 photograph depicts CDC Guest Researcher,
This 1980's photograph shows a crowd of healthcare
This 1961 photograph shows Dr. Alex Langmuir stand
This photograph showed two CDC health officials se
The woman picture here, was seated in her wheelcha
Seated in her wheelchair, the woman pictured here
This 2009 photograph depicted Centers for Disease
This historical image, which was provided by the C
Published in the 'Public Health Bulletin', No. 262
This October, 1951 photograph was provided by the
This photograph depicted a Center for Disease Cont
Under a low magnification of 28x, this 2007 scanni
CDC Clinician, Joanne Cono, MD, describes contents
A CDC scientist conducts laboratory research in th
This 2004 photograph showed CDC research biologist
This photograph showed a CDC chemist, Ella Samanda
Training as a fellow in the CDC's Respiratory Dise
This 1964 poster featured what at that time, was C
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