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Serving Airmen
Soup's on
Volunteers give to community at Marian House
Here we see a woman in a kitchen setting photograp
Campfires and cooking cranes
Here we see a woman in a kitchen setting photograp
The woman pictured here, was in the process of cle
Properly cleaning fresh, uncooked produce is a mus
Burning charcoal briquettes
small cake
Kitchen door sign
Lady and Cupboard
frying pan with chop
FitFamily program promotes healthy lifestyles
Here we see the hands of a cook in the process of
Properly preparing fresh, uncooked produce is a mu
This photograph depicts a number of fresh-sliced w
Mirror Carp
can until you can't
Orchid Symphony exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden
This was one of six images (PHIL# 9125 - 9130) dep
Campfires and cooking cranes
Mirror Carp
children tasting food - title page
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