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This photomicrograph depicts the mould Corynespora
Little brown bat; close-up of nose with fungus, New York, Oct. 2008.
Aminita Mushroom
This photomicrograph depicts the appearance of a c
Histopathology provides rapid diagnosis
This photomicrograph shows a conidiophore of the f
3 mushrooms
This photomicrograph shows a mature cleistothecium
His hair-plate culture is growing the fungus Chrys
This scanning electron micrograph (SEM) depicts a
This methenamine silver stained photomicrograph re
This is a SABHI agar slant culture of the fungus S
This micrograph reveals the terminal chlamydospore
This micrograph shows the fungus Ochroconis gallop
Magnified 100X, this photomicrograph revealed some
This photograph featured a Petri dish, which had b
This photomicrograph depicts budding cells of the
This was a plate culture of the fungus Chrysospori
This micrograph reveals the hair perforation cause
This is a top view of a cereal agar plate culture
This is a photomicrograph of the mycelium of the f
This is a photomicrograph of the fungus Microsporu
Under a magnification of 1125X, this PAS-stained (
This was a case of black grain eumycotic mycetoma
Magnified 562X, this photomicrograph of a human lu
This photograph depicted a slant culture growing C
This is a top view of a cereal agar plate culture
This is the edge of a mature cleistothecium of the
This image depicts the reverse view, i.e., view fr
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