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This photomicrograph reveals the conidiophores wit
Under a magnification of 500X, this PAS-stained (p
These are conidia of the fungus Trichothecium rose
This photomicrograph reveals some of the ultrastru
His hair-plate culture is growing the fungus Trich
This image depicts the colonial growth on a plate
Photographed from the front, this image depicted a
Photographed from the front, this image depicted a
This photomicrograph shows the spindle-shaped macr
Magnified 1150X, this Gram-stained photomicrograph
This photomicrograph reveals a conidiophore filame
This is a photomicrograph of the fungus Hortaea we
This photomicrograph shows the asci and ascospores
435 002 003
This micrograph reveals a pycnidium of the fungus
Magnified 500X, this photomicrograph revealed some
This is a front view of a Petri dish culture plate
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This photomicrograph revealed some of the histopat
Mushroom kate2
This photomicrograph reveals a number of macroconi
Mushroom fungus fair
White fungi
This Sabouraud's dextrose agar plate culture is gr
Magnified under a low magnification of 40X, this p
Viewed from the reverse, or rear side, this Petri
This is a top view of a Sebouraud's dextrose agar
This is a DTM plate culture growing the dermatophy
This is a top view of a plate culture containing t
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