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This is a photomicrograph of the fungus Cladospori
This image shows a plate culture growing the fungu
This photograph featured a Petri dish, which had b
This photomicrograph shows the spindle-shaped macr
This is a Lowenstein-Jensen slant culture of the f
This tramsmission photomicrograph depicted a numbe
This is a front view of a Petri dish culture plate
This photomicrograph depicts the fungus Trichospor
This composite photomicrograph reveals some of the
This photograph depicts the frontal view of a Petr
This photomicrograph depicts the yeast form of a C
Magnified 250X, this photomicrograph revealed some
Mushroom texture
This image depicts a plate culture with a colony o
This is a SABHI agar plate culture of the fungus S
This photograph depicted Center of Disease Control
This photomicrograph reveals the microconidia of t
This photomicrograph depicts budding cells of the
This is a slant culture growing the fungus Paracoc
A micrograph of a pigeon brain using methenamine s
This image shows a plate culture growing the fungu
Magnified 475X, this photomicrograph depicts some
This is the top view of a Sabouraud's dextrose pla
This photomicrograph shows conidiophores and conid
Under a magnification of 500X, this Gomori-stained
This is a frontal view of a Petri dish culture pla
This image shows the edge of a cleistothecium of t
This micrograph reveals the terminal chlamydospore
Histopathology provides rapid diagnosis
This photomicrograph shows conidia and conidiophor
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