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Brant at Izembek Lagoon
Cackling geese at Izembek Lagoon
Brant Izembek Lagoon
Waterfowl at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
Far shot of wild geese, Lakeview District.
Merced National Wildlife Refuge Deadmans Slough Creek Canal
Trumpeter Swans sighted post-fire
Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
Canada Geese With Their Brood
Post-Burn Monitoring
Snow geese and more on the lake
Geese and goslings
A mixed flock - 5
Whooping Crane Reintroduction Pen
A mixed flock - 1
Habitat for ducks and geese on a restored wetland
Two kinds of Geese
A mixed flock - 3
Pair of Canada geese in a temporary pothole wetlan
Eagle and other birds on an icy lake
YCC participants with Canada Geese
emperor geese
The WingBee brings people together
Goose Nesting on Grassy Roof
Cackling Canada goose on nest
Snow Geese using a Wetland in the RWB During Spring Migration
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