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The woman pictured here seated on a bright green m
The older individuals pictured here on the wooden
This image depicts a male clinician in the process
This image depicts a state-appointed public health
Illustration of an ambulance
This image depicts a female clinician in the proce
Two aspects of public health concern are in eviden
This historic 1932 photograph showed a veterinaria
Photomicrograph of Penicillium fungus
This image depicts a class in session, the purpose
The man pictured here from a lower-left anterior-o
The woman pictured here, was checking her blood gl
The Seine River flows through Paris, the capital c
This photograph showed Distance Learning Coordinat
This photograph depicted a meeting of CDC's Excell
Here, CDC employee, Robyn Morgan (left), was shown
eye of the tiger
Bandaged arm from vaccination
Veterinary project has big impact on small island
Dental health
Veterinary project has big impact on small island
Depicted in this still life, are items associated
A girl performing a glucose test
Mosquito larvae
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