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Most Popular Health Public Domain Files:

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Woman reading thermometer
This image was captured on one of the Centers for
Close-up of a bedbug
The blacklegged ticks, I. pacificus, (depicted her
Historic Well Diagram
This image depicts a female clinician in the proce
This young man was performing push-ups on an indoo
An infant receiving a Polio vaccination
A father walking with his children
This photograph depicts a young diabetic girl who
This 2000 photograph depicted a number of health c
Illustration of a red apple
These health care workers were attending a trainin
This historic diagram, which had been digitally en
Pictured here at a Georgia running track, this you
Photographed at a Georgia track field, this young
During his physical examination, this seated male
This 1947 photograph was provided by the Center fo
Single line art Banana
This 1940 wartime poster urged servicemen to 'say
In order for a healthcare provider to measure a pa
This photograph shows a patient having his blood p
This 1963 poster featured CDC's national symbol of
World War II poster
This image depicts the left hand of a state-appoin
The state-appointed health inspector pictured here
The state-appointed health inspector pictured here
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