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This April 1941 historical photograph was provided
This anteroposterior (AP) radiograph revealed bila
This partially calcified fibrocaseous nodule depic
This photomicrograph depicts the histopathologic c
This 1958 historical photograph was provided by th
U.S. Navy Doctor Lt. Hammer Listens to a Baby's Lungs
This micrograph depicts the histopathologic change
Breathing easier
From April, 1948, this historic image, provided by
This light photomicrograph depicted cytoarchitectu
Histopathology of coccidioidomycosis of lung showi
This photomicrograph revealed the cytoarchitectura
This micrograph depicted cytoarchitectural details
This historic image, provided by the Center for Di
Smear of Pneumocystis jirovecii, formerly known as
This hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) stained micrograph of
Histopathology of lung in fatal human plague.
Here, using immunofluorescent technique, a specime
Medics bring relief to Senegal
Histopathology of lung in fatal human plague.
Chest radiograph showing miliary densities in both
Cells Selectively Absorb Short Nanotubes
Magnified 1125X, and prepared using a modified-Kin
Histopathology of toxoplasmosis of lung
Under a magnification of 800X, this methenamine si
Day in the Life - Master Sgt. Roberto Gutierrez
Photomicrograph of lung tissue revealing Yersinia
Using immunohistochemical (IHC) technique, this ph
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