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This micrograph depicts histopathologic changes as
Active cytomegalovirus infection of lung in AIDS.
Chromosome 5
374 009 002
This chest radiograph shows probable aspergillosis
This AP chest radiograph shows signs of histoplasm
Magnified 562X, this "digested", and flu
This photomicrograph reveals lung tissue pathology
This occupational health image shows the lungs of
Magnified 625X, "digested", then stained
Magnified 125X, "digested", then stained
Magnified 562X, this fluorescent antibody-stained
Histopathology of botryomycosis, lung.  Giemsa sta
This anteroposterior x-ray reveals the resolution
ECMO machine
This photograph shows the rear oblique view of an
This historic image provided by the Center for Dis
Histopathology of cytomegalovirus infection of lun
This photograph shows the front oblique view of an
This historical image, which was provided by the C
Provided by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC)
Still wearing their headlamps outside the confines
This historic image provided by the Center for Dis
From the 1950s or 1960s, this historic image provi
This photograph shows the front view of an Emerson
Under a magnification of 500X, this hematoxylin an
Magnified 562X, this photomicrograph of a human lu
A closer view of PHIL 9550 showed these men wearin
This photograph shows the March of Dimes insignia
Known as an 'iron lung,' Emerson respirators, like
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