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Blood-feeding Anopheles gambiae mosquito.  This mo
This 1981 photograph depicted a normally very wet
Drawing identifying the terminal abdominal segment
This 1978 photograph depicted the cracked surface
Domestic mosquitoes can breed in gutter drains.
An illustration of an Anopheles mosquito.
At a low magnification of 51x, this 2006 scanning
This photograph depicts a group of unidentified mo
A female Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding on a hu
This illustration depicts an Anopheles sp. mosquit
Illustration identifying the thoracic region of a
A Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito on a human finge
This individual is controlling the mosquito popula
This is an illustration of an adult Aedes vexans m
This is an individual egg of an Aedes aegypti mosq
This illustration depicts the wing bristles of a C
Map showing distribution of Aedes aegypti mosquito
This is an Anopheles gambiae mosquito, which is a
An illustration of the Anopheles franciscanus mosq
An illustration identifying lateral pouches on the
An illustration identifying the row, or scattered
At a moderately high magnification of 587x, this s
This 1978 photograph depicted an entomologic field
An illustration identifying the siphonal hairs on
An illustration of an Anopheles crucians mosquito.
Illustration identifying hairs on the abdominal se
This photograph depicts an Anopheles funestus mosq
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