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An illustration identifying the siphonal hairs on
An illustration of an Anopheles crucians mosquito.
Illustration identifying hairs on the abdominal se
This photograph depicts an Anopheles funestus mosq
Illustration identifying the head, or cephalic reg
An illustration of the ventral surface of the term
A drawing showing that the Wyeomyia mosquito larva
This illustration reveals some of the morphologic
This illustration depicts a dorsal view of a Culex
An illustration of a Psorophora mosquito.
An illustration identifying the dorsal plate on th
This 1981 photograph depicted a bioassay cage that
This photograph of a mosquito was taken during a 1
This 1965 photograph depicted an aerial view of a
An illustration of an Aedes mosquito.
Drawing identifying the antennal structures on the
The terminal segment  siphonal hairs of either the
This illustration depicts a Deinocerites sp., 'Cra
Drawing identifying palmate hairs on an Anopheles
This illustration depicts a Uranotaenia sapphirina
Though this is an illustration of a mosquito, it r
This diagram illustrates the methods by which the
An illustration identifying the basal tuft, pecten
An illustration depicting morphologic characterist
Illustration depicting variations in Anopheles mos
This diagram illustrates the methods by which the
Domestic mosquitoes are often found breeding in ra
This 1975 transmission electron micrograph (TEM) r
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