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This 1975 transmission electron micrograph (TEM) r
An illustration identifying the pecten on the term
This low magnification scanning electron micrograp
A female Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding on a hu
Illustration identifying the siphon, or air tube o
This 1975 transmission electron micrograph (TEM) r
Eielson NCO bugs mosquitos
Abandoned plumbing fixtures including a bathtub in
This 1981 image depicts a Jefferson Parrish, New O
Tree hole, Aedes mediovittatus mosquito breeding s
This photograph depicts twenty-two eggs, which had
Sand fly man
This entomologist is holding a dipper containing a
Using a mechanical hand-held aspirator, this CDC f
Tar barrel, mosquito breeding site, San Antonio, T
This 2005 photograph depicted a female Anopheles a
An illustration identifying comb scales and median
This individual was collecting specimens with a mo
A CDC field researcher is shown transporting the m
This 1981 image depicts a field technician inspect
Magnified 1500X, this scanning electron micrograph
This diagram illustrates the methods by which the
At a very low magnification of only 26x, this scan
This 1981 photograph depicted a dye card atop a wo
This negatively-stained transmission electron micr
An illustration identifying the siphon tuft on the
This diagram illustrates the methods by which the
The median ventral brush on the terminal segments
At a relatively low magnification of only 197x, th
Car parts in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Aedes aegy
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