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Known as a vector for the West Nile virus, this Cu
This photograph shows lattice work under a porch (
This 2006 image depicted a female Aedes aegypti mo
This Aedes aegypti female was from a strain of mos
Illustration of a mosquito
An illustration identifying the pecten on the term
This is the second of four scanning electron micro
Spray 'em out
The proboscis of an Aedes albopictus mosquito feed
Indicated by red arrows, note the wooden lattice l
This photograph depicts two Anopheles gambiae mosq
This 2006 photograph depicted a female Aedes aegyp
Eggs of Aedes aegypti mosquito in glass container.
Having finished the ingestion of her blood meal, t
Reserve C-130s continue spray missions over Louisana
This 1981 photograph depicted an arboviral researc
A female Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding on a hu
Domestic mosquitoes are seen here breeding in jars
Blood-feeding Anopheles gambiae mosquito.  This mo
An illustration of a Culiseta melanura mosquito.
An illustration of Coquillettida and Mansonia mosq
A Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito on a human finge
This negatively-stained transmission electron micr
Here, an Anopheles stephensi mosquito is obtaining
Drawing of the lateral view of an Anopheles mosqui
This 1975 transmission electron micrograph (TEM) r
This illustration depicts a Toxorhynchites sp., 'E
These are 'Mosquito Fish' of the genus Gambusia, n
An illustration  of a Culex restuans mosquito.
Worker holding jar containing mosquito larvae, Mia
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