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Mosquito assault
Eggs of Aedes aegypti mosquito in glass container.
This Cypress swamp can be home to a number of diff
This image depicts an Aedes albopictus female mosq
This is an Aedes albopictus female mosquito obtain
An illustration of an Anopheles earlei mosquito.
An illustration from the lateral view showing an A
Magnified 228x, double that of PHIL 8780, this sca
An illustration of a Culiseta melanura mosquito.
An illustration identifying the lateral plate and
An illustration of Coquillettida and Mansonia mosq
Drawing of Mansonia or Coquillettidia mosquito lar
This illustration depicts a 'pitcher-plant', Wyeom
Drawing of the lateral view of an Anopheles mosqui
This illustration depicts a Toxorhynchites sp., 'E
This 1975 transmission electron micrograph (TEM) r
An illustration  of a Culex restuans mosquito.
The Aedes mediovittatus mosquito has been shown to
This photograph of mosquito pupae was taken during
Joint Task Force Caring Response brings help to Burma
An illustration of the terminal segment of a Manso
This 1981 photograph depicts a cardboard box being
This 1981 photograph depicts a wire stringer of 'm
Worker sprays junk to kill any mosquito larvae tha
This is the first of four scanning electron microg
This illustration depicts a dorsal view of a Culex
This is a close-up view of a CDC field researcher
This is an enlarged view of a Culex quinquefasciat
This illustration depicts a typical adult Culex qu
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