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Poster of Snowy Owls
Joanne and Frank removing noose from a baby Northern Spotted Owl.
A close-up shot of a Northern Spotted Owl perched on a tree branch.
Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) near the Sun River Area on the Deshcutes National Forest in eastern Oregon.
Wildlife biologists capture and tag an owl.
Bob and Paula weighing Northern Spotted Owl.
Owl  Owyhee Field Office  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Bureau of Land Management project cap for Owl Charco Project.
Bob and Paula weighing Northern Spotted Owl.
Frank Oliver and a volunteer working with an owl.
Holding a Northern Spotted Owl during discussion.
Juvenile Northern Spotted Owl in tree.
20120710 2012 Poster Contest 149
20110428 DM LSC 0088
Weighing a Northern Spotted Owl.
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