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Sandy Spencer and screech owl
Burrowing Owl
short-eared owl
One-eyed Great Horned Owl
A baby (chic) Northern Spotted Owl.
Prairie Fest 2012
Patuxent Research Refuge 75th Anniversary
Creatures of the Night 2011
Two Great Horned owls pearched on rim rock in the Blitzen River WSA.  (286-E)
Western Screech Owl chick  Owyhee Field Office  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Spotted Owl sitting in a tree.
Burrowing Owl Pair
Grand duke
Two Northern Spotted Owl chicks on a branch.
Northern Spotted Owl with a mouse.
A Northern Spotted Owl perched on a tree branch.
Merced National Wildlife Refuge Deadmans Slough Creek Canal
Schriever AFB home to rare burrowing owls
Night Owl
Pentagon Cold War Legend to be Torn Down
Threat display - Spotted Owls
Screech Owl  Birds of Prey National Conservation Area  BOP  Owyhee Field Office  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Fledgling Northern Spotted Owls
Short-eared Owl
Garbage illegally dumped approximately 2,500 feet above Mettah Creek
Biologists attach a radio caller to a Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) to monitor the birds movements in the forest.
Threat display - Spotted Owls
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