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The Lamentation of Christ, oil on wood panel painting by Abraham Janssen van Nuyssen, 1660-1604, Dayton Art Institute
The Adoration of the Magi
Large art face
Theodore Roosevelt, circa 1904
Lincoln's Second Inaugural, 1865
President's Room
Easter eggs
Owl Tablet Painting
Golden Spike
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda
Super Car Tour
Landscape with Beasts, oil painting by Roelant Savery, 1620, Dayton Art Institute
Portrait of Machteld van der Graeff, oil on wood panel painting by Jacob Willemsz Delff (1619-1661), 1641, Dayton Art Institute
Portrait of a Young Lady, oil on canvas painting attributed to Samuel King, c. 1765-70, Dayton Art Institute
The River Road, oil on canvas painting by Cornelius Krieghoff, 1855, National Gallery of Canada
The spirit of the season: giving
Colonization of New England
Boston Massacre, 1770
Iron Foundry, circa 1850
Fourth of July in [Philadelphia’s] Center Square, oil on canvas painting by John Lewis Krimmel, by 1812, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Rush's Water Nymph and Bittern (1809) is the fountain statue at center.
Ice Road, Near Quebec, oil painting by Cornelius Krieghoff, 12.5 x 15.25 in.
Portrait of Bernice Pauahi Bishop painted by Frederico de Madrazo from a photograph, 1887, Bernice P. Bishop Museum
Portrait of Dammas Guldewagen, oil on canvas painting by Jan de Bray, c. 1657, Dayton Art Institute
Portrait of a Widow, oil on canvas painting by Ludovico Carracci (Lodovico Carracci), c. 1585, Dayton Art Institute
The Visitation, oil on canvas painting by Jacob Jordaens, c. 1642, Dayton Art Institute
Comic characters: Painter
Broken old window
Boone at Cumberland Gap
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