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The state-appointed health inspector pictured here
Declaration of Independence
#20 - U.S. Supports Shark & Ray Proposals
The state-appointed health inspector pictured here
Gentle giants of the sea
The woman pictured here, was checking her blood gl
'Yearning for a Pleasurable Place' in 'Mountains of the Heart' by Kameda Bôsai, 1816. The signature reads 'Kitsumon Koji' (an art name), but the seal reads 'Bôsai'
This is a high-tech electronic thermometer, which
This is a high-tech, orally-administered electroni
reading in the study
A girl performing a glucose test
This photograph shows a patient having his blood p
Capitol Reflecting Pool
On a Date
Here, CDC employee, Robyn Morgan (left), was shown
This image depicts a man with diabetes in the fore
In her right hand, this woman was holding an amber
Nervous Uncle Sam
Learning to fly at Air Force Week Honolulu
The First Federal Congress, 1789
Book, sketched
The wheelchair-seated man depicted in this photogr
This photograph depicted a woman who was reading a
Springtime on the Capitol Grounds
open book
This image depicts a person with diabetes in the f
�� lisant / Student reading
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