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Theodore Roosevelt, circa 1904
Blood Research: Saving Lives (8347)
Iron Foundry of Janes & Kirtland Used to Cast Iron for Dome
Golden Spike
Iron Foundry, circa 1850
Declaration of Independence Plaque
Woman reading a book
Woman reading sms
This image depicts a man with diabetes in the back
In her left hand, this woman was holding an amber
The woman pictured here, was about to check her bl
The woman pictured here, was about to check her bl
The man pictured here, was about to check his bloo
Newspaper Dude
Hunting for hidden damage
This historical 1943 image, which was provided by
Deployed leaders take 'vest-ed' interest in being cool
Two young girls reading books
The state-appointed health inspector pictured here
Stem Cell Research (0393)
Stem Cell Research (0449)
Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6355)
3-D Printing at FDA (8231)
Louisiana Purchase, 1803
Early House of Representatives Chamber (artist representation)
U.S. Supreme Court Building
Amateis bronze doors
On the Road with Mike Taylor
Declaration of Independence
This image depicts a female diabetic patient readi
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