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Bighorn Sheep Scarring
You Caught Me With My Mouth Full
Not Too Far
Strategically Placed Pullout
Scanning the Hillside
Entertained by Wildlife
In Search of Sheep
This is a sheep blood agar plate culture of Entero
Burkholderia pseudomallei grown on sheep blood aga
Bighorn Sheep Antics
Sleeping Indian
Yorkshire dales
Bighorn sheep along Connor Creek in eastern Oregon.
This 1972 photograph revealed the gross pathologic
Early Morning Watering
A closer view of PHIL 12257, this photograph depic
Big horn sheep engaging in battle.
Two rams square off
An enlarged view of PHIL 12229, this photograph de
Big horn sheep habitat
 The old cattlemen would have rolled over in their graves - sheep and goats are plentiful in the intermontane valleys of southwest Montana.
Sheep Shearing tools
Standing Guard or Pushing the Limit?
Farshot of sheep (meadow maggot).
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep  Lower Salmon River  Cottonwood Field Office  UCSC  Upper Columbia Salmon Clearwater District
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