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Fire in his eyes
Credit Card (Back)
This 1995 photograph depicted the Patpong district
Butcher shop in Paris, France.
Counting cash
Machine Lab Tour #1
Goggle Glasses
Girl with Top Hat, Smoking
girl standing
An illuminating arch
Shopping day
bamiyan 042908-nc 087
Transformation at Ramstein
In this 1996 image, a woman who was wearing a leg
Italians, Americans work together in mass casualty exercise
Woman enjoying sales
Picture taken by Martin Mullan (May 2006) of Kingsway (East Vancouver). Picture shows multi-cultural nature of street (Chinese and Vietnamese shopping).
Finishing touches
19th century Christmas shopping
Water engineering
Sale is on
Bio shop provides peace of mind
Airmen help enlisted village
Spark and grind
Woman with shopping bag
Welding it together
Saving the day
With her hands full, this 1996 image depicted a wo
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