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Using methenamine silver stain, this photomicrogra
Under a magnification of 100X, this hematoxylin-eo
Magnified 300X, this photomicrograph of mouse brai
This photomicrograph of liver tissue taken at auto
Under a high magnification of 400X, this hematoxyl
Culture of a basidiomycete showing sexual reproduc
Under a low magnification of 100X, this hematoxyli
This Centers for Disease Control microbiologist wa
This micrograph was stained using a fluorescent an
A photomicrograph of testicular tissue revealing h
Magnified 625X, "digested", then stained
Under a high magnification of 400X, this hematoxyl
Magnified 562X, this fluorescent antibody-stained
Magnified 125X, "digested", then stained
Magnified 562X, this photomicrograph, stained usin
057 001 001
Under a moderately-high magnification of 250X, thi
Under a relatively low magnification of 100X, this
Magnified 375X, this photomicrograph revealed some
Under a magnification of 600X, and using the hemat
Under a magnification of 125X, this photomicrograp
This photomicrograph revealed some of the normal c
Under a magnification of 500X, this photomicrograp
Magnified 100X, this photomicrograph revealed some
This transmission electron micrograph (TEM) reveal
Using a Gomori staining technique, this photomicro
Using immunohistochemical (IHC) technique, this ph
Under a magnification of 1125X, this PAS-stained (
These are conidia on conidiophores of Ochroconis g
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