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Uploaded by request of Alonzo Jake Spann

AOC arborists prepare to lift 65 ft Capitol Christmas tree.
A dying tree in the Scotch Creek RNA.
 Patterns in a weather-beaten tree trunk.
 Strange fern configuration around base of white spruce tree.
Staging Area Setup for Capitol Dome Restoration
Bald eagle in trees
Secretary Clinton Visits Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute
Capitol harvest. AOC arborists collect large Osage-orange fruit. Tree named for Osage Nation who used it for bows.
 Snowy trees at break of day in the Harpers Ferry area.
102 0234
Squirrel in Senate Park Oak Tree
 Small scraggly black spruce in foreground with shallow active soil layer while larger trees are located on deeper active layer with more nutrients.
 Huge eucalyptus trees at Fort Mason.
Farshot of Bald Eagle perched on tree branch. Lakeview District.
Pacific Tree Frog  Hyla regilla  Jeff Dillman, Medford  Pacific tree frog near Grave Creek on the Medford District.2000
Service employee and students planting trees
 One Tree Reef. Green sea turtle (Chelonia midas).
 Two trees ? or one tree with two branches ? have been locked together for centuries.
Otter Point Platform at Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge (RI)
 Marsh area with willow trees adjacent to lower Atchafalaya River
@capitoltree2012 arrives Capitol West Front Nov 26 10am (Pic: 1914 Tree on East Front).
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