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Rested Pasture
Uploaded by request of Jyotsna Kapadia.

Taken a
Downed tree at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (VA)
Cottonwood tree grove and flood plain meadow in the Sundance Lodge Recreation near the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone River
Grazing allows us to see tree resprouts
Osprey in small beachside tree
Close-up photo of cottonwood tree starts near the John Day River.
Leaf and seed
Desert vegetation in the form of cacti and trees.
Downed tree at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (VA)
Road through the trees
Field Workers plant trees.
Sawyer begins day of tree clearing (NY)
Lone cottonwood tree along the John Day River near Bridge Creek.
Secretary Kerry Hikes in the Swiss Mountains
Preparing for a busy day of tree clearing after Hurricane Sandy (NY)
Cub Scouts are volunteering by planting trees.
Brushfield Conversion scarification project with planted trees and benching.
The administrative road that goes through a grove of cottonwood trees in the Sundance Lodge Recreation Area
8th Street Fire  Burnt Trees  Four Rivers Field Office  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Disaster Peak near the head waters of Big Trout Creek.  The Aspen trees' leaves have their fall colors.  (Burns District, but Vale District administrated) OR 3-153
Cottonwood plantation near Clarno Road.  Ground cloth under trees.
Rock formation towering over the trees
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