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Dry Creek Petrified Tree Area, Buffalo Field Office.
Cottonwood trees along the Yellowstone River
Tree at Spruce Reach Island.
Tree and sagebrush with Sheephead Mountain in the background.  OR 2-72J
Kunar Trees
The bark of a tree
A pretty view of the Agua Fria River with a Tree to the left of the shot.
Dry Creek Petrified Tree Area, Buffalo Field Office.
Rock formations and Aspen trees
Taken by Martin Mullan, May 13, 2006. Photo of street trees in East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Road leading into the trees at Howrey Island Recreation Area
Disaster Peak near the head waters of Big Trout Creek.  The Aspen trees' leaves have their fall colors.  (Burns District, but Vale District administrated) OR 3-153
Trees, blue sky and mountains in the Humbug Spires Wilderness Study Area
Axolotl Lake with dead Tree in the foreground
Cottonwood tree grove in the Sundance Lodge Recreation Area
A combination of green and yellow leaves on a tree at Howrey Island Recreation Area
Tall tree with moss on the trunk beside mountain trail
Willow Creek Wilderness Study Area.  Trees are turning to fall colors.  WSA OR 3-152.
 One Tree Reef. Sea star - closeup of mouth.
View of six cottonwood tree trunks
A old fence with cacti and Palo Verde trees growing next to it.
Uploaded by request of Frederique Kahn

Taken at
Mushrooms on bark of standing fir tree along Rogue River Trail near Prospect, OR.
Aspen trees turning to fall colors
A large tree creates some shade from the Arizona sun in a valley with the Agua Fria River.
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