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Sagebrush and ponderosa pine trees in the Shepherd Recreation Area
Cottonwood trees and grass at Howrey Island Recreation Area
Rock formation and tall trees
Close-up photo of cottonwood tree starts near the John Day River.
Scenic view of dried tree limbs along mountain edge.
A tall saguaro cactus next to a Palo Verde tree in the Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Trees and mountains in a greener part of Arizona, the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument.
മലയാളം:  Pagoda trees. Orlando, FL
Cottonwood plantation near Clarno Road.  Ground cloth under trees.
The Aspen, is a decidous tree, loosing it's leaves each fall.
LimeKiln Canyon access road through the trees in the Judith Mountains
Aspen trees turning color in the Centennial Valley
Cottonwood trees in the Sundance Lodge Recreation Area
A tree standing guard over the Terry Badlands
View of a valley and downed trees in the Judith Mountains
Huge rocks surrounded by fir trees
Tree stump and slash in forest setting
Large Fir trees on Fence Creek.
Reflection of trees and grass in the Yellowstone River channel
Trees, mountains and a valley in the Judith Mountains
Tree Planter  Square Butte  Range Restoration Project  Lower Snake River District
Rock formation and trees in the Humbug Spires Wilderness Study Area
Closeup of moss growing on a tree trunk
Moss growning on a tree trunk
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