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Regulation Sign destroyed by bullet holes on tree trunk
Young Lode Pole trees in timber sale area
Trunks of cottonwood trees
Cottonwood Trees against a blue sky in the Sundance Lodge Recreation Area
BLM logo on tree that has been blazed
BLM logo on tree that has been blazed
Grassy area surrounded by trees at Howrey Island Recreation Area
Large rocks and trees with some mountains visible in the background.
Logger in the process of falling a tree.
Ed Sanvi is tree planting in a clear cut area.
Wildlife tree in the middle of rangeland area.
Trees, grass, shadows, and rock formation
Rock formations among the trees
Rock formation surrounded by trees
Dead tree in lake
Dead tree in a lake
Wildlife trees and reproduction.
Scinic view, trees stream, sky
A large tree in the Parashant National Monument Area.
Trail through the trees
Jay perched on tree limb, Lakeview District.
Closed dozer trail through down and dead trees
Dead trees overlooking a valley in the Judith Mountains
Dry Creek Petrified Tree Area, Buffalo Field Office.
Trees in Lauren Canyon
8th Street Fire  Burnt trees  Four Rivers Field Office  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Cottonwood trees at the confluence of Yellowstone and Powder Rivers
Rock formation above the trees
Rock formation surrounded by fir trees
Close-up photo of cottonwood tree starts near the John Day River.
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