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Rabies viral antigen
This photomicrograph reveals herpes virus antibodi
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), co-cultivated
Taken inside a clinical setting, this qualified nu
This scanning electron micrograph revealed the pre
This photograph depicts a microbiologist in the In
Created by CDC microbiologist Frederick A. Murphy,
This negatively-stained transmission electron micr
Raccoons can also be vectors of the rabies virus,
Human Lung Cells
Using immunohistochemical (IHC) technique, this ph
This electron micrograph reveals both a paramyxovi
This patient presented with early, though progress
This transmission electron micrograph (TEM) reveal
This transmission electron micrograph (TEM) depict
Taken inside a clinical setting, this qualified nu
At the component level, this diagram illustrates t
This image depicted numbers of Bacillus anthracis
This is CDC Clinic Chief Nurse Lee Ann Jean-Louis
On a dark-blue background, this illustration provi
On a lavender background, this illustration provid
This negative-stained transmission electron microg
This horde of bats could contain possible carriers
Foxes too, may be possible vectors of the rabies v
This photograph depicted a cotton rat, Sigmodon hi
Ulcer due to active Herpes simplex virus infection
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