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Uploaded by request of W. Kriss Ebersold

bathing in a waterfall
Scenic waterfall  Fall Creek Falls  Snake River Canyon  USRD  Upper Snake River District
Band-e-Amir protected area committee
 Waterfall surrounded by giant bamboo at  Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens
Paisaje 3
Uploaded by request of Jennifer Kyff 

Taken at
 Aerial photograph.  A boulder strewn beach showing various floral zones, left over snow and ice from the winter past, and a small waterfall in the Bainbridge Passage area.
Sockeye Salmon
 Waterfall on Kauai seen through the rain forest
Douglas Creek waterfall in Grant County, WA.
Mountain pond and ice
Quinault waterfall
Douglas Creek waterfall in Grant County, WA.
Trumpeter Swans sighted post-fire
Post-Burn Monitoring
Douglas Creek waterfall in Grant County, WA.
Waterfalls in the forest
Sunset on great basin - Sheldon NWR
Uploaded by request of Alonzo Jake Spann

Minnehaha Falls
Yosemite falls, upper & lower
Clayton falls
Rocks and mountain stream
Expansive landscape - Sheldon NWR
 Bubbling, babbling waterfall dropping over shale formations which have eroded in  stepping-stone fashion.
Uploaded by request of Dan Curhan

Taken in the
Photo of the Week - Waterfall (NJ)
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