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Composting food and yard waste reduces garbage in landfills and carbon pollution. Try it for yourself and #ActOnClimate!
Saving Water Saves Energy
hange your HVAC filter regularly to ensure your system is running efficiently and #ActOnClimate.
Caulk Entrances
Clean Power Plan
Check your tire pressure
Administrator Gina McCarthy at Portage Lake Glacier, Alaska
Check out the @ENERGYSTAR Save Energy at Home Tool for tips on how to save energy and cut carbon pollution in each room of your home. #ActOnClimate
Wash your clothes in cold water
Clean Power Plan
Drive Smart
Spread the Word
Change Five Lights
Administrator McCarthy, Department of Energy Secretary Moniz, and National Grid Massachusetts President Reed at Fenway Park
Use low-flow WaterSense showerheads
Fix a leak
Run your dishwasher with a full load only
Plug electronics into a power strip
Choose WaterSense
By insulating your electric water heater you can save $30 annually and #ActOnClimate.
Calculate Your Household's Carbon Footprint
Give your car a break
Reduce food waste
Reducing Pollution from Passenger Cars and Trucks
Try Energy Star's Home Energy Yardstick
Buy Recycled
Clean the machine. By tidying up components of your HVAC system, you can increase system efficiency and reduce carbon pollution. #ActOnClimate
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