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Cat silhouette.svg
Eiffel Tower, in Paris. Français:  Tour Eiffel, à Paris.
Antenna for EME ('moonbounce') communications on UHF amateur radio bands. Built and operated by Salvatore Gerloni I2FZX (SK), Milano, Italy. Parabolic reflector diameter is 6m.
Grand Portage State Park in Minnesota. 120 foot waterfall on the Pigeon River is highest in Minnesota. en:Category:Images of Minnesota
Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad, 2158 GP7u, Chesapeake, VA.
David Wheaton. Photo taken by Bruce Wheaton (father)
Yitzhak Tshuva, a businessman from Israel עברית:  יצחק תשובה, איש עסקים ישראלי
Early modern skull so-called Qafzeh 11 (a child 11 years old), in the Carmel Range (Israel). ESR dates for Qafzeh (90,000 BP) Español:  Cráneo de Moderno Primitivo de Qafzeh nº 11 (un niño de 11 años), monte Carmelo (Israel). Data de unos 90 000 adC
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) also known as Banksian- or Bank's Black Cockatoo. A tame parrot (ie hand reared and not from the wild) from the Karakamia wildlife sanctuary in Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia while on a Sunday walk
Dận Pagoda, Từ Sơn, Bắc Ninh, Việt Nam
Photo by Angela Grider. Whale Shark at the Georgia Aquarium in the Ocean Voyager tunnel.
A packet of Tim Tams, with the biscuit tray half sticking out of the packet to display the biscuits.
Русский:  Дворец советов (Дворец Советов СССР). Выполнен в 3D Max по проекту 30-х годов Palace of the Soviets, (done in 3D Max)
Deutsch:  Stadtzentrum mit Post und Oderturm in Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg, Deutschland City centry with post office and skyscraper Oderturm in Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg, Germany
A 6-year old tortoise shell cat.
  Image title: Cigarette smoking Image from Public domain images website,
  Image title: Wonderful close shot of the beautiful red wolf canis rufus Image from Public domain images website,
  Image title: Beautiful red apple Image from Public domain images website,
Lietuvių:  2007 m. Europos tradicinio karate čempionato metu, gegužės 27 d. Koper, Slovėnija. Arčiau - Laimonas Nišniava, iškovojęs sidabro medalį fuku-go rungtyje.
  Image title: Black cat Image from Public domain images website,
Musical scale in A minor (natural) Image file created with Sibelius software by Opus33. This music is in the public domain. The image is not copyrighted, and it is hereby released by Opus33 into the public domain.  The following is the official Wikipedia
Ubuntu USB lanyard
Soccer players waiting for a corner kick during qualification match for the 2010 Soccer World Cup (Asian zone): Uzbekistan- Bahrain (0-1), at Pakhtakor Stadium, in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Uzbekistan is in white, Bahrain is in red. Français:  Joueurs de
Dog breed Canadian Pointer black and white Português:  Raça de cão Canadian Pointer preto e branco
USB Dongle
  Image title: White pretty dog Image from Public domain images website,
  Image title: Male lion African lion Image from Public domain images website,
Ball-and-stick model of the anti conformer of the S enantiomer of the 2-bromo-1-chloropropane molecule, C3H6BrCl. The anti conformation predominates in the liquid state, and the molecule crystallises in this conformation, too. Colour code:  Carbon, C: gre
Panel of Piña mural in the Government Palace in Chihuahua, Mexico, honouring the liberators Abraham Lincoln, Benito Juárez and Simón Bolivar
Русский:  Дворец советов (Дворец Верховного совета СССР). Выполнен в 3D Max по проекту 30-х годов Palace Of Soviets the Soviet Union, (done in 3D Max)
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