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Structure of dna
453 002 002
Human dna
246 004 004
Microscope lenses
CHARMM, Chemistry at Harvard Molecular Mechanics
Analyze this
This photograph showed CDC chemist Madhulika Chaud
262 112 001
Scanning Electron Microscope with Spin Polarization Analysis
Rainbow Film
507 001 006
390 005 008
500 001 034
Under a low magnification of 28x, this 2007 scanni
This 2004 photograph showed Xiaoyun (Sherry) Ye, a
Trackers watch for dangerous 'space junk'
Speed Bumps Less Important Than Potholes for Graphene
Speed Bumps Less Important Than Potholes for Graphene
Under a low magnification of 42x, this 2007 scanni
Analyze this
Presentation of the ACTA Civil Society analysis of the FY 1392 Afghan national budget
Fernald Environmental Monitoring
Chemical Analysis; Magnesium Oxide Dice
This 2004 photograph showed CDC laboratorian Mary
Collecting a Sample
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