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an anchor
This photomicrograph reveals some of the ultrastru
golden anchor
Quantum Physics; Nanoscale Assembly; Atomic Anchors
Cais do CAES
Apotheosis of Washington: Commerce
Genius of America - U.S. Capitol Central Pediment
Progress of Civilization - Senate Pediment
A pirate rowboat
NIST Membrane Model
Gold Nano Anchors Put Nanowires in Their Place
 A sea pen shares a pit with a shrimp.  Sea pens (Pennatulacea) are soft-bodied octocorals that anchor into sediments by inflating the base of a large polyp with water. The side branches of this large polyp hold to or more feeding polyps .
This 1976 photograph shows CDC staff member Dr. St
Nanoparticle; Gold
No fear
April 12, 2012 EPA helps City of Parkville, MO replace trees lost in last years flooding along the Missouri River
CBS news anchor proud of Air Force past
Civil engineers assist in humanitarian mission
2165 8-17-60 Howard R. DeLano  Chaining operation using surplus U.S. Navy anchor chain.  Note size of chain in relationship to pencil stuck in the ground.
Media, celebrities receive bird's eye view of AF mission
Under a magnification of 3206X, four times greater
Under a magnification of 3206X, four times greater
Old statue
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