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Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6361)
This image depicted numbers of Bacillus anthracis
Histopathology of mediastinal lymph node in fatal
Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6329)
Anthrax vaccine becomes mandatory for some
'Shooting' stars
Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6347)
Anthrax vaccine program starts
Necrosis of lymph node due to anthrax.
Immunizing airmen
This photograph depicts the colonial morphology di
This posteroanterior (PA) chest x-ray was taken 4
'Shooting' stars
Anthrax toxins
Anthrax spores
Immunizing airmen
10,000th Anthrax Shot
Histopathology of large intestine in fatal human a
Immunizing airmen
PA chest radiograph of anthrax, 13th day of illnes
Histopathology of meninges in fatal human anthrax.
Anthrax bacillus spores
National Capitol Region first responders train for Pentagon disaster
PA chest radiograph of anthrax, 4th day of illness
A closer view of PHIL 12390, this photograph depic
Meningeal hemorrhage due to anthrax.
This anteroposterior (AP) chest radiograph showed
A closer view of PHIL 12388, this photograph depic
'Shooting' stars
Histopathology of liver in fatal human anthrax.
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