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Most Popular Baldeagle Public Domain Files:

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A bald eagle in flight
Bald eagle with fish
Bald eagle fledglings on Lacreek NWR 1
Bald Eagle Fledglings Lacreek NWR 2
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
Bald eagles with young at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
Bald eagle in nest, May 2013 Photo By USFWS Jeremy N. Moore
Cape Cod National Seashore near Wellfleet, MA
Bald Eagle Soaring on Seedskadee NWR
Bald eagle take off from nest
Bald eagle at its nest
View from the Nest
A Bald Eagle Enjoys an Easy Meal
Lake Umbagog - Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge near Errol, ME
Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle at 6 Weeks By USFWS; Jeremy N. Moore
Bald Eagle, 52 Days Old By USFWS Jeremy N. Moore
Eagle Shooting
Bald eagle with young at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
Bald Eagle Family
Bald eagle eaglets
Bald Eagles
I'll Have What He's Having
2 Eaglets by USFWS Jeremy N. Moore
The Eagle Has Landed . . . Almost
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