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Barbed wire
Barbed Wire Border
Barbed wire
Heraldic Rose
Barbed wire
A barbed wire fence separates a riparian buffer (r
Sod House
Week 5, Kicking Horse Reservoir, Fencing Project, Ronan, MT
No one gets past here
At a moderately high magnification of 451x, this s
Combat triathlon
Winter training
Low crawl
Airmen vie for slots in Army Air Assault course
Academy basic field training at Jacks Valley
Airmen complete first Air Advisor Course
Watch your head
From a superior oblique perspective, and under a l
From a lateral perspective, and under a low magnif
From a lateral perspective, and under a moderately
Under a moderately high magnification of 646x, thi
Under a low magnification of 161x, and a lateral p
Barbed Wire Removal
Wired in Baghdad
From a lateral perspective, and under a high magni
Using Airboats to Place Boundary Signs
Training instructors build tactical course for Iraqi airmen
Barbed Wire Removal
U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center: Phoenix Warrior Training Course
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