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Sea turtles
A Caged Nutria Awaits Tagging
Mushroom with a centipede
Trumpeter Swans sighted post-fire
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
Saving endangered species
A Nutria Tag is Prepared
Controlled burn
Post-Burn Monitoring
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
Gray wolf
James Bettaso-Midwest Region
Joe Witt USMC Vietnam 1968
OR7 wolf pups
Canada Lynx kitten being measured
Chuck and LeeAnn Kelso
Counting Dots
Deploying an acoustic receiver into the Sacramento River
5634526956 c21d31a4e4 o
Wildlife biologist Robin Donohue surveys the debris field at Lido Beach WMA.
Wyoming Toad at Saratoga NFH
Unintended bycatch
Biologists attach a radio caller to a Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) to monitor the birds movements in the forest.
The WingBee brings people together
little brown bat white-nose syndrome on muzzle, nose
Sean Mann-Pacific Southwest Region
Finding New England cottontails
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