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Surface elevation data collection
Prairie Fest 2012
Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge
Jennifer Ceska and Gabrielle Graeter
California least tern (CLT) gets its wing measurements
 Biologists Brian Walker, Mike Schwartz and William Meyer prepare to weigh penguin chicks, Seal Island.
Sacred Lands, Sacred Trout
Little brown bat affected by White-nose Syndrome
Grass flowers
Get Your Goose On! - Duck Banding Style
Tom Patrick provides some history on bog management in Georgia
Carrie Brod
Gabrielle Graeter and Thomas Floyd
Thomas Calnan -- Southwest Region
Red knot cannon-netting on Cape Cod
NCWRC biologist Gabrielle Graeter taking notes
Transporting Gila Trout into 55 Gallon Drum
Biologists inspect bat wing for signs of WNS
Get Your Goose On! - Duck Banding Style
Ed Schwartzman discussing bogs
Cynthia Goldsmith, a CDC research biologist, elect
Roadside flowers
Fish Biologist analyzing milt count
Biologists gathering outside Greeley Mine
Filming MDC biologist with air sampler
USFWS Biologist Jess Jones
Biologist Robbie Callahan holds brown pelican for tagging.
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