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Most Popular Biologist Public Domain Files:

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NCWRC biologist inspects bat wings
Biologist Robbie Callahan holds brown pelican for tagging.
Mountain purple pitcher plants
Trio of grass leaves
Thomas Floyd with a snapping turtle
USFWS Biologist studying bat
Kim Garner
Biologists entering the mine
USFWS biologists remove salmon egg tubes from the San Joaquin River
Banding together
Service biologist holds egg tube with thermomter attached
Bat affected by White-nose Syndrome
NCWRC biologist Cordie Diggins taping glove
Lahontan cutthroat trout eggs
Setting up the mist nets
Liz Landrum
Biologists gather at mine entrance
Measuring A Season of Growth
Fish Biologist and instream log stairs.
Photograph of CDC biologist Cynthia Goldsmith work
Biologist removes bat from mist net
Bat affected by White-nose Syndrome
Fred Trasko with Net
Thomas Hogan
Measuring the Season's Forage Production
Interns visit the NBFFCC
Marc Provencher
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