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American shad rearing facility
Photographed in New Bedford, Massachusetts, by Har
The Nature Conservancy honored
Wildlife monitors help protect endangered species
Karin Eldridge-Southwest Region
Sandy Spencer and screech owl
Sedated Mountain Lion
Biologist inspects bat wing
Billy Leonard-Southeast Region
Dorie Stolley
Endangered Kirtland Warbler
Control box for shad tank spawning
Colorado Pikeminnow
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service helicopter touches down
Biologists swab a northern long-eared bat with symptoms typical of WNS
Light-footed clapper rail receives leg band
Expert Hand
Creatures of the Night 2011
Planting a schoolyard wetland
Delmarva peninsula fox squirrel
Helping Sage Grouse
Lisa hoping the battery doesn't die
Photo of the Week - Biologist holding a gray bat
Poster Session
NIST Biomonitoring Specimen Bank
Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge
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