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CBS News camera filming biolgists
Dennis Stewart
Sorting through Fish Samples
Let the banding begin
Volunteer avian biologists on the m/v Ursa Major II
Recovery Champion Sandy Vissman and a San Clemente Loggerhead shrike
Wildlife biologist prepares to release bat
Jeff Finley
Landowner Meeting with Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program biologist
Releasing birds
San Francisco Bay NWR Complex Manager with biologists and contractors
Biologist entering the mine
USFWS Biologist studying bat
NCWRC biologist Gabrielle Graeter taking notes underground
NCWRC biologist Gabrielle Graeter taking notes
Interns visit the NBFFCC
Biologists perform fish inventory in Douglas Creek, Washington.
Biologist inspects bat wing for signs of WNS
USFWS biologist collecting stream substrate data
 Biologist John Jansen weighs and measures a chinstrap penguin (soon to be released and set on its way).
NCWRC biologists underground
Bat gate at mine entrance
Interviewing a biologist
MDC biologist Tony Elliott inspects bats
Interns visit the NBFFCC
Biologists wade into the river
Rock formation with biologists
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