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Most Popular Birding Public Domain Files:

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Four Common Redpolls Spotted
Northern Shoveler Hen and Drake
Northern Shoveler Ducklings
Mid-Winter Thaw at Lee Metcalf NWR
Killdeer Nest
Sky Dogs with Dave Magpiong
'I hear a bird!'
Juvenile Little Blue Heron
Birding with binoculars takes practice!
Heron nest
Youth Birders at Wild School event
Spotting Tracks!
Buffalo Berries for the Birds
Safari at Lostwood NWR
Waterfowl in Flight
'There's a Bird!'
Hay Ride
Tree swallow swarm
2 yr old birder at Humboldt Bay NWR
Osprey cam at Blackwater
Ospreys at Blackwater
Great blue heron
Female Kirtland's Warbler
Birding Diversity Audience
Osprey cam at Blackwater 2
Birding at Layou - 5
Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge
Eurasian Wigeon
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