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This picture was taken inside a home kitchen, and
This historic 1915 photograph depicted a portable
Two Harbours Map
Helicopter aircrews rescue hurricane victims
Here we see a woman in a kitchen setting photograp
 Typical timber scene in Sempervirens Park in Santa Cruz. In: 'The City of Santa Cruz and VicinityCalifornia.' Published by The Santa Cruz  Board of Trade.  1905.
The woman pictured here, had just boarded her vehi
Old farmstead
Air Force launches multiple satellites on Atlas V rocket
Off we go
Storm water pollution prevention plan at the Folsom JFP auxiliary spillway
Scary young man
Sexy devil
Evaluating the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway foundation
Flight attendants provide world-class service
12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year
Hurricane Hunters fly nonstop into Ike
Integrated circuit
 Engineering committee examining a 1X5 inch board which was driven through a 2X6 plank.  Somewhere along the path of the Tri-State Tornado, the longest-lived and longest path of any recorded tornado.  It traveled over 300 miles from SE Missouri to Indiana
Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh tours Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway
Rebar before concrete
163 012 002
110224 OCE RBN 1935
On a mission for Airmen
Excavation and rock reinforcement continues at Folsom Joint Federal Project
Drilling for final blasting at spillway
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