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General view of Hunter Creek Bog, Northecium californicum, Darlingtonia californica (Cobra Lily).
Maquam Bog
Roadside flowers
Up-close view of a snapping turtle
Thomas Floyd with a snapping turtle
Trio of grass leaves
Mountain purple pitcher plants
Bog turtle
Bog turtle habitat
Blanding's turtle release May 2011
Photo of the Week - Eastern Chipmunk (MA)
Bog turtle
Photo of the week - Cedar waxwing (MA)
Box turtle
Snapping turtle on a sand mound
Emily Ulrich
Carrie Brod resting in a bog
Blanding's turtle at New Boston Air Force Base
Bog turtle
Bog turtle
Young  mountain purple pitcher plants
Photo of the Week – Purple Pitcher Plant (VT)
Timber rattlesnake
Clint DeWitt and Gabrielle Graeter
Lynn Eastin and Emily Ulrich
Mincy Moffet
Bog turtle
Frozen Bog
Mountain purple pitcher plant flower
Sedge flowers emerging
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