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Most Popular Boulder Public Domain Files:

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Colliding Fermions; Atomic Clock Accuracy
 Glacial erratic boulder (white boulder in left center) trapped on eroding granite shoreline.
Mount Yale Trail Realignment rocks
Senate Science Committee tours Boulder
Physicist David J. Wineland
Serengeti kopje
 Aerial photograph. Islets of volcanic boulders at low tide on Augustine Volcano.  Tidal channels and brownish red algae covered rocks.
New PML Lab
 Basaltic boulders doing battle with the sea.  Inevitably the sea will win.
 Boulders peaking above water surface in a Prince William Sound waterway
Silent City hollow boulder  Burley Field Office  USRD  Upper Snake River District
Demmings Mine, Millsite on North Fork Boulder Creek in Owyhees  Lower Snake River District  LSRD
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