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August 7, Air sampling station, near Port Fourchon, La
August 7, Cleaned boom ready for redeployment
May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
August 7, Nature and Industry in the Gulf
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (82)
June 4, Collecting a snapshot of coastal water quality in Louisiana
Murky water, checking turbidity.
Reviewing data into the night.
June 4, Analyzing water quality right at the source
June 4, Oil sheen along Grand Isle State Park, La
Water sampling in the Gulf.
May 14, Cody Fonseca, Lafourche, La sets out for a day of crabbing
August 7, Efforts to wash oiled sand continues
June 4, Air monitoring efforts continue
May 14, Sorbent boom in the waves, Grand Isle, La
Administration Responds to BP Oil Spill
EPA Summa Canisters
August 7, Observing the sand washing equipment
June 3, Incident Command Post Mobile, Ala
June 1, Heavy equipment ready for response
June 3, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson interviews with ABC News crew
August 7, The importance of washing down
Verifying air sampling location.
June 2, Administrator Jackson Tours the Beaches of Port Fourchon, LA
June 3, Analyzing data in a mobile lab, Dauphin Island, Ala
June 2, Getting first hand accounts from cleanup workers at Fourchon Beach, La
Sediment Sampling in response to the BP oil spill
Working into the night.
June 1, Staging area for shoreline cleanup, Lafourche, LA
August 7, Attention grabbing safety sticker
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